Quality Pet Grooming and Boarding in Evans, West Virginia

Are You Looking for Experienced Pet Boarding and Grooming?

Bow Wow Pawprints Grooming was founded in 2005, and we have been providing expert service ever since. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the pet boarding and grooming industry, and owner Dortha Pursley is a certified master groomer. We accept all sizes and breeds of dogs and cats for our grooming and boarding services. Call or text us today at 304‑532‑1620 to set up an appointment. Business hours vary by appointment.

Bow Wow Pawprints Grooming Treats Your Cats and Dogs Like Their Own

Bow Wow Pawprints Grooming believes in treating your cats and dogs as if they are at home. We provide expert pet grooming service to your beloved animals, so there is no need for you to worry while you are away. We think of your pets like our own while in our care, and we pride ourselves on creating a worry-free environment for your pet while grooming or boarding.

Bow Wow Pawprints Grooming provides nail trimming services for your furry friends, as well as haircuts, bathing, and many other grooming services. We accept both cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds for grooming. Serving Evans, WV and surrounding areas.

Pet Boarding Services at Bow Wow Pawprints Grooming

If you are looking for pet boarding in Evans, WV, then you have come to the right place! We offer personalized service to your pet, making them feel like they are at home. The level of care and expertise at Bow Wow Pawprints Grooming cannot be beat, and we cannot wait to meet your cats and dogs. Bow Wow Pawprints Grooming offers boarding to both cats and dogs. Call or text today at 304‑532‑1620 to set up an appointment to board your pets, as business hours vary.

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